2022 Whitefish Community Housing Roadmap




Over the past several years, the 2016 Housing Needs Assessment and the follow-up 2017 Strategic Housing Plan have been helpful tools to inform and guide our community housing strategy.
However, our long-term housing challenges have intensified, and major new challenges have emerged. Starting in June 2022, we worked to gather current housing needs data and, accordingly, update our housing strategy to create the 2022 Whitefish Area Community Housing Needs Assessment Update.

2022 Housing Needs Assessment

To foster interdisciplinary creativity and address the ever-shifting housing landscape in Whitefish, we put together a team of current Strategic Housing Plan Steering Committee members with local professionals and leaders across sectors that have experience in successful community initiated and completed projects and influence the housing market. The 2022 Housing Refresh Team includes:

Current Members of Strategic Housing Plan Steering Committee

  • City Mayor
  • 2 City Council members
  • 2 City Staff Members
  • 4 Public / strategic housing task force members

New Members

  • Whitefish Community Foundation
  • Hospital
  • School District
  • CVB
  • Local Financial Institution
  • Housing Whitefish/Whitefish Housing Authority
  • Local Housing Developer


In order to build a plan with strong community buy-in, the City held a series of meetings throughout the update process – all of which were public meetings with opportunity for public comment. 

Agenda and minutes available in the Agenda Center

Refresh Team Meeting 4: 

A fourth Whitefish Community Housing Refresh 2022 was held on October 25, 2022. The purpose of this meeting was to provide highlights of the DRAFT Whitefish Community Housing Roadmap and discuss feedback and questions. The goal was to receive input that will help  finalize the 2022 Roadmap.

To view a copy of the presentation from the meeting, click here Version OptionsWhitefish Housing Refresh 2022HeadlineTHE FINAL DRAFT OF THE 2022 HOUSING NEEDS ASSESSMENT HAS BEEN COMPLETED! YOU CAN VIEW THIS DRAFT HERE:

Refresh Team Meeting 3: 

September 13, 2022, 2pm – 5pm at City Hall (City Council Conference Room)

This meeting was the second interactive work session with consultants and the Housing Refresh team. The goal was to use the updated housing needs report, existing housing strategy plan, and other information to choose priority housing strategies. This included adding new strategy options, re-thinking existing strategies, and determining collaborations needed to make all strategies more effective.


Pre-reading Packet

Final Power Point Presentation

Summary of August 31, 2022 Housing Open House

Thank you to those that participated in the in-person or virtual housing open house meeting in August.  Many comments and ideas were collected that will be used to inform the current Housing Refresh process which aims to set a course and priorities for future community housing solutions in Whitefish.

Documents from August 31, 2022 Housing Open House

Open House Attendees

Open House Online Questionnaire

Final Open House Boards

There were two additional team meetings. Consultants presented highlights from the updated housing needs assessment findings and discussed team and the public’s feedback and questions that will help finalize the report. Potential implications, needs assessment, and findings were discussed for the strategic plan and how the information will help inform the strategy phase of this process.

Refresh Team Meeting 2

August 11, 2022, 5:30 – 7 pm 

Refresh Team Meeting 1

June 27, 2022 at City Hall

Previous Housing Needs Assessment and Strategic Housing Plan

2016 Whitefish Housing Needs Assessment

2017 Whitefish Strategic Housing Plan