Community Housing

Housing lies at the heart of any person's and community’s wellbeing. Whitefish is no exception. As an increasing number of people in Whitefish struggle to find adequate housing at a price they can afford, we all lose individual friends, family members, colleagues, neighbors, and workers. As a community, we collectively lose resilience and connectedness, plus we all have a harder time accessing the services that keep us healthy, safe, and in love with Whitefish. That's why the City of Whitefish is working with a variety of local, regional, and statewide partners to build a strong community housing ecosystem.

What is community housing? 

Housing that is affordable for community members that live and work in the Whitefish area that is not being provided by the housing market. This term refers to a range of household income levels for which market-priced housing is unattainable, including both the traditionally low-income housing, as well as middle income, and, in Whitefish, upper middle income. 

What do we know about housing in Whitefish? 

Check out our new area housing needs assessment to better understand how a national housing affordability crisis is affecting our community and neighbors. 

2022 Community Housing Needs Assessment AUGUST DRAFT

This needs assessment is the key document that will inform the update of our Strategic Housing Plan. Learn more about the update process here. 

Want to get involved? Want to learn more? 

Attend our first Whitefish Housing Open House on Wednesday August 31st from 10am - 7pm at City Hall Council Chambers to learn more about the state of housing in Whitefish, share your personal experiences with housing, and chat about how to build a strong community housing ecosystem. 

We know that work, family, and recreating in our public lands take priority over public meetings for most people. We love living in a town where many people have a work hard / play hard mentality, so we want to make it as easy as possible for Whitefish residents to be engaged citizen! If you can't attend in-person, check back here on Tuesday, August 23rd for a link to our online housing open house.