What to do if......

You need to report a crime

You don't feel comfortable contacting the police due to a sensitive matter

You've experience discrimination

  • Contact the City Manager or City Attorney
  • Support Networks:
    • Abbie Shelter: The Abbie Shelter is on a mission to promote safety, independence, & empowerment to survivors of domestic and sexual violence in the Flathead Valley
    • 24-Hour Helpline: 406-752-7273
  • Glacier Queer Alliance: Launched in 2019 in the Flathead Valley, GAQ was started to create an educational space for those in the LGBTQIA+ community. Their plan is to alleviate the disconnect in the greater community by working towards an established Community Resource Center and create queer friendly events
  • Montana Human Rights Network :MHRN is on a mission to dismantle discrimination by bringing the Flathead Valley together
  • Montana Racial Equity Project: The Montana Racial Equity Project, a non-profit and non-partisan organization, advocates equity and justice for historically marginalized, disenfranchised, and oppressed peoples in Montana. We educate, train, and activate organizers, individuals, groups, organizations, institutions, and businesses to invest in interrupting racism, bigotry, and prejudice whenever encountered
  • Empower Montana: EmpowerMT creates a more just and inclusive society by developing youth and adult leaders who work to end mistreatment, correct systemic inequalities and strengthen communities across Montana.
  • National Educational Initiatives regarding hatred and racism