Bear Resistant Refuse Container Roll Out

We are excited to announce that the City is preparing for the transition to individual 95-gallon bear resistant refuse containers for all single-family homes, duplexes, townhomes, and some commercial properties. We will begin delivering carts within city limits  beginning September 12, 2022. The change out process will take several months to complete and your patience is greatly appreciated.

The City will be divided into four (4) quadrants with each quadrant broken down into 3-4 sections. Please see the map below to identify what quadrant and section your property is located in.  You will be able to access the map and receive updated information regarding the schedule for your cart delivery.

Republic Services will be dropping off your new container and trying to pick up your current individual roll-out cart or the 300-gallon shared container at the same time. Each cart will have a postcard attached to the lid with instructions for placement (PDF) and how to use your bear-resistant trash cart (PDF). It is important to follow all guidelines to ensure your refuse cart is serviced as scheduled. If you leave for the winter season and have not received your new bear resistant roll-out cart, please contact us at (406) 863-2456, press option #2.

If you have received your new cart, please do not use the old cart.  Leave this empty and out at the curb until it is picked up.


• Place your cart at the curb or alley the night before or by 7 a.m. on pickup day.

• Place your cart within 2 feet of the curb.

• Items placed outside of the cart will be charged an additional fee.

• Do not place any items on the top of the lid, it will NOT be collected.

• Carts placed incorrectly by the curb will NOT be collected.

• Do NOT overfill the cart, the lid must be closed for collection.

• Place carts so they can be opened towards the street or alley.

• Carts must be at least 4 feet from obstacles preventing collection, including other carts.

• Your service location is the same spot the cart was delivered to. For some, this is in the alley. For others it is on the street.

• The cart that is placed at your home is your responsibility, the serial number on the cart is linked to your address.

Additional bear resistant roll-out carts will be available upon request for an additional fee. If you have questions, please call (406) 863-2456 between 8am and 5pm, Monday through Friday.

Animal Rollout Delivery Zones

Animal Resistant Containers Ord 14-20

Mandatory Municipal Code 4-2 Solid Waste (Garbage)

Resolution No. 22-12, amending Resolution No. 21-15

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2022-2023 Holiday Garbage Schedule (PDF)