Water Tender

Water tenders carry large amounts of water for both structural and wildland firefighting.  In non-hydrated areas, being able to supply water to a fire scene is often a challenge.  A tender shuttle can provide water from a water source to the fire scene.  Depending on the round-trip travel distance will determine the number of tenders needed in the shuttle. 

Red tanker water truck, Fire truck in front of train station

Tender 291 - 2015 Rosenbauer Peterbilt

Our 3,000-gallon 2015 Peterbilt tender pumps at 750 gpm.  Currently the tender is in great shape and should be replaced when it is 20 years old.  Having a 3,000-gallon tender at each satellite fire station would be an optimum, as would having a 30,000-gallon tender refill cistern at each station.