Ambulance runs are 70% of our calls for service.  The Whitefish Fire Department often runs simultaneous ambulance calls with our on-duty staff, which is a five member crew.

Medic 221 - 2022 Dodge Braun 

Our first out ambulance.

Unit 221 - 2022 Dodge Braun (Picture)

Medic 222 - 2018 Dodge Braun 

Our second due ambulance.

Medic 221 - 2018 Dodge Northstar


Medic 223 - 2013 Dodge Braun

Our third due, used for second calls or when the first is out for service or repair.

Medic 222 - 2013 Dodge Braun

Our ambulance replacement plan calls for: 

  • First due to be one to three years old, then moved to second due.
  • Second due to be four to six years old, then moved to reserve.
  • Reserve to be seven to nine years old, then sold before the unit is ten years old and prior to reaching 100,000 miles for the best resale value. 

Our current fleet consists of a 2022, 2018, and 2013 ambulances.