Preparing for Court

Hearings and Appearances

What to Bring to Court

Before you come to court, here are the things you should bring with you:

  • Proper Identification (driver’s license, Montana ID, passport)
  • Your copy of the citation
  • Appearance letter and/or court documents
  • Any receipts regarding your case (i.e. bond receipts, cash bail receipts, etc.)
  • Any documents which prove compliance with the judge’s orders and/or sentencing
  • Method of payment (cash, credit/debit card, checkbook)

Do not use nicknames or aliases; use the same spelling as listed on documents related to the case, and ensure spelling listed on documents is correct. If they are not, please advise the court.

Check in at the front window and provide the court with your current address and phone number.

Dress -- appropriate dress is required. Please do not wear clothing with obscene slogans or images. No hats and no cell phones! Shirt and shoes are required.

Warning: Please note that if you fail to appear in court as ordered, the court can suspend your driver’s license, issue a warrant for your arrest and you can be jailed and/or fined.

Video Appearances

Whitefish Municipal Court uses the following guidelines in determining which defendants are allowed to request a hearing via video technology:

  • Defendants must live more than 165 miles from Whitefish.
  • Defendants with offenses which could result in jail time will not be held via video (unless appearing from the Detention Center.) This includes all Title 45 offenses, and all DUI offenses.
  • The Judge will not schedule a video hearing to address program extensions, Petition to Revoke hearings, or Failure to Pay Fines.
  • If your driver’s license has been suspended for non-compliance, defendants are required to come into compliance and/or appear personally in front of a Judge to have the license reinstated.