Juror Information

Jury Summons

If you have received a summons to appear for jury duty in Municipal Court for a trial on a specific date and time, please email WhitefishMunicipalCourt@mt.gov or call (406) 863-2440 and leave your name, date of trial, and the date that you have received the summons to confirm. If you have recently received a postcard regarding summons, this is not from Whitefish Municipal Court. Please see the postcard for specific contact details.


If you are not able to participate in jury duty, please email, mail, or fax your request with supporting documentation (i.e., doctor’s note, airline/hotel reservation, etc.)

Please make sure that you have been summoned for jury duty at Whitefish Municipal Court rather than Justice or District Court before sending your request for excusal. 

Please send your request for excusal to one of the following:

Jury Summons Status

Date Time Judge Status
December 14, 2023 8:45 A.M. Judge Caitlin A. Overland APPEARANCE REQUIRED

If your trial is cancelled, you do not need to appear again until you receive a new summons in the mail.

Contact Us

To report vacations, updates in contact information, or general questions contact:

Whitefish Municipal Court
Phone: (406) 863-2440
Email: WhitefishMunicipalCourt@mt.gov