Downtown Parking

Whitefish provides free downtown parking (map) which includes 2-hour on-street parking and three 3-hour parking lots. To allow for snow removal or street sweeping there is no parking from 2:30 am to 6 am.

Parking Management Plan

The City of Whitefish recognized the need to improve and add parking to downtown Whitefish. In 2019, Dixon Resources Unlimited was contracted as a consultant to develop a management plan with participation with staff and intensive community engagement with downtown businesses and institutions to engage the public, interview stakeholders, and observe parking operations. The Management Plan (PDF) will serve as a foundation for the establishment of a sustainable parking program and better manage the existing parking facilities. City Council held a work session on September 16, 2019, and held a Public Hearing and adopted Resolution Number 19-33 October 21, 2019.

Parking Permit Implementation Committee

The City Council established the Parking Permit Implementation Committee (Res No. 20-05) to provide suggestions and feedback with respect to a pilot employee parking permit program proposed by City staff, to consider modifications and expansions to future versions of the program, and to evaluate a potential residential parking permit program in light of the effects of the employee pilot permit. The Committee consists of employees of retail establishments, bar, restaurant, professional office, or hotel/lodging establishments located in the Pilot Parking Permit Area. The Committee disbanded in October 2022 after creating the Employee Parking Permit Program. 

Where You Can Park if You Work Downtown

Employee Parking Permit Program

On November 21, 2022 the City Council voted to establish the Employee Parking Permit Pilot Program (Res No. 22-34 PDF). The program provides the opportunity for downtown business owners and employees to park all day to alleviate the need for business owners and employees to move their vehicles to avoid parking citations.  The cost of the program will be $20 per month, per license plate, per permit, or $228 for an annual permit for a 12-month purchase.  A limited number of permits (100) will be made available in downtown surface lots and on the third level of the Whitefish downtown parking structure. Public time-limited parking will continue to be available in the surface lots. Permits are valid Monday-Friday 6:00 am – 6:00 pm and can be used in any of the four lots provided, on a first-come first-serve basis.

Permits will be valid at the following parking lot locations: 

  • Public parking lot south of the Library (West side of lot)
  • 1st and Spokane parking lot
  • Uncovered lease parking of the Parking Garage
  • 3rd Street and Central Avenue

parking employee permits no zones4232021

Permit holders are encouraged to utilize spaces available in all designated locations prior to utilizing unlimited daytime parking.

Permits can be purchased through an online portal on the City of Whitefish website, Enforcement of the permit program will be through the city’s License Plate Recognition System mounted on the City’s parking enforcement vehicle. Please read the City of Whitefish Lease Parking Permit Terms and Conditions (PDF) for more information regarding lease parking. 

For more information, please contact Michelle Howke at or call (406) 863-2402.

There are plenty of unrestricted parking options within walking distance of downtown. The Downtown Parking Q&A Brochure is a good guide to parking downtown.

Parking Map 2021-07-20 (JPEG)

Parking Facility

The Parking Facility (PDF) on the corner of E 1st Street and Baker Avenue is a three floor parking structure that has 77 free, three-hour parking spaces on 1st Level, 62 covered lease parking spaces on 2nd Level, 75 uncovered lease parking spaces on 3rd Level, with 3 handicapped lease parking spaces.

The Parking Facility is enforced from 6 am to 6 pm. Monday through Friday (excluding City Holidays), including lease parking. During other times, the entire Parking Facility is open to the public, free of charge. The City Council has approved the following rates and discounts for the parking structure.

Parking PackagesFee
Additional bulk discount deducted from the monthly lease rate for bulk purchase of 6 or more parking space leases in one transaction3% (total bulk discount of 5%)
Discount deducted from the monthly lease rate for bulk purchase of 3 to 5 parking space leases in on the transaction2%
Discount deducted from the monthly lease rate if a purchaser buys 12 months of parking space leases in one transaction5%
Initial monthly lease rate for a covered parking space in the parking structure$40 per month
Initial monthly lease rate for an uncovered parking space in the parking structure$30 per month
Opening period for free, unlimited use of the parking structureFrom opening day through Wednesday, May 31, 2017 - free, unlimited use

Payments are not refundable but may be transferred by changing the license plates that are assigned to a parking space.

License Plate Recognition Software

License plate recognition software is used instead of permits, tags, or hangers. A Permit Holder has the option to assign up to 10 vehicles per permit, but only one of those vehicles is valid to park at one time. The Permit Holder is responsible to manage the multiple vehicles.

Lease Parking

Please read the City of Whitefish Lease Parking Permit Terms and Conditions (PDF) for more information regarding lease parking. To lease a parking space(s) the City of Whitefish has partnered with ParkMobile to pay online with a credit/debit card. The Finance Department, Customer Service Clerk can also assist with those paying cash or check.