Wildfire Preparedness Checklist

Here in the Whitefish area, we are all in the urban interface and susceptible to an ember shower or fast-moving ground fire. Don’t focus on your trees or become overwhelmed by the magnitude of issues. Start small, a few very simple steps can make a huge difference:

  • Think of your home as fuel, work to prevent it from igniting.
  • Think of your yard as a fuse, prevent it from leading a spark to your home.
  • Think of your neighbors as partners, learn to work together.

High Priority To-Do List

  • Display your house number so it’s clearly visible from both directions of travel on your road.
  • Keep your gutters clear of debris (sorry, this is a year-round, never-ending activity).
  • Remove dead vegetation from under decks and porches.
  • Keep vegetation within 10-feet of your home cut short and well-watered.
  • Remove any flammable materials at least 30-feet from your home (woodpiles or propane tanks, for example).
  • Inspect and repair roof shingles.
  • Inspect and repair metal roofs, especially where embers can penetrate.
  • Cover attic, eave, and soffit vents using a 1/8-inch metal screening.
  • Work with your neighbors to become a Firewise USA Community.

Home Evaluation

If you’d like a home evaluation or to discuss the Firewise USA Program email Whitefish Fire Chief Joe Page or email Ali Ulwelling at the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC) to schedule an appointment. For more in-depth information about preparing your home for wildfire, see this checklist from the National Fire Protection Association.