Rescue Care

NO ONE should have to worry about whether they can AFFORD to call an AMBULANCE when they need one. 

The Whitefish Comambulance driving with lights with mountains in the backgroundmunity is fortunate to have excellent emergency paramedic ambulance service through the Whitefish Fire Department.  Of course, this high level of service costs money to provide.   Ambulance bills can cost as much as $1400 in a lifesaving emergency.  Insurance normally only covers a portion of the full bill, leaving you to pay the difference.  In some cases, an insurance company will deny an ambulance claim entirely.

 The Whitefish Fire Department’s “RescueCare” program takes the worry out of meeting unexpected ambulance bills.  For $59 per year within city limits, or $185 per year for residents living outside of city limits, but still within the Whitefish ambulance service area, the RescueCare program will cover your entire household against the costs for emergency and medically necessary ambulance service in and around Whitefish.  Plus, RescueCare will handle the insurance claims and payments.  No financial worries, no insurance hassles, and no ambulance bills. 

 Within the City of Whitefish Fire Department’s RescueCare program, the cost of ambulance service is covered and you don’t get a bill.  No one should have to worry about whether they can afford to call an ambulance when they need one.  The program offers security and peace of mind.  

The RescueCare runs from July through June.  You can purchase RescueCare anytime during the year for the full amount with the membership expiring June 30th.  You will receive a renewal notice in June for the following year.  All memberships expire June 30th, regardless of enrollment date and the fee is the same regardless of when you enroll.  

The benefits of RescueCare also extend to the greater community.  When you invest in RescueCare, your dollars stay in Whitefish to support our emergency medical response system.  RescueCare money will be used to provide advanced paramedic training and new advanced equipment.  So even if you never need to call an ambulance, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your participation in the RescueCare program is helping to respond to real human needs and to save lives in Whitefish and the surrounding area.