City Beach Improvements

  1. Lift Station Improvements
  2. Woodland Place Parking Improvements

In its current condition, access to the City Beach Lift Station is difficult at best:

  • In order to remove a pump from the lift station to perform routine pump maintenance, heavy equipment must be hauled down the dirt path
  • If the pump requires off-site service, a dolly must be used to maneuver the pump back up the hill to a service truck
  • When the station requires pumping, sections of heavy 6 inch vacuum hose must be laid out down the path, and subsequently removed

Proposed Project

The proposed project will improve access to the station by constructing a small utility drive, allowing service vehicles to access the station directly from Skyles Avenue. This will enable the operators to use truck mounted equipment to remove pumps and place them directly into the truck for maintenance. It will also enable us to use the vactor to directly evacuate the wet well of the station, should it require pumping.

Project Timeline & Completion

  • The project is scheduled for completion by June 14, 2019
  • Project was completed in July of 2019