Road to Resilience Poster cover

Since the Whitefish Climate Action Plan was adopted in 2018, the City has been working to implement the plan. The CAP focuses on five major sectors that contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and have an opportunity for improvement. Specific actions that have been undertaken are described under the linked sectors below. For a summary of the City's current achievements, see our Road Map to Resilience poster.

Climate Action Plan Standing Committee

The Climate Action Plan Standing Committee was created to assist in the implementation of the Climate Action Plan by establishing a working timeline for implementation, recommending actions and budget priorities to the City Council or City management, tracking progress towards the Plan's goals, updating the greenhouse gas inventory, and updating the plan.

In the News

The How We Respond Project includes a report and multimedia stories that highlight the ways U.S. communities are actively and effectively responding to climate change, in particular at the local, state and regional levels, and the critical role of science and scientists in their response.