City Attorney

The City Attorney serves as the attorney for the City and legal advisor to the:

  • All City departments
  • City Council
  • City Manager
  • Mayor

The City Attorney’s Office conducts civil legal functions related to Whitefish municipal government, represents the City in litigation, and acts as the primary contact when outside counsel is retained to represent the City. The City Attorney prepares or reviews:

  • Contracts
  • Deeds
  • Ordinances also known as codified City Code 
  • Resolutions
  • Other municipal documents

The City Attorney does not provide legal services or legal advice to the citizens of the City but may be called upon by City staff to answer legal questions asked by the public related to City ordinances.

Deputy City Attorney

The Deputy City Attorney is responsible for prosecuting criminal misdemeanor and ordinance violations of the Whitefish City Code and State law and traffic offenses committed within the City limits.

All other types of cases are handled by private attorneys.