Snow, Tree, and Leaf Removal



Fall 2017 Schedule

Bagged leaf pickup will take place from October 20th through November 24th

Please call the Public Works Department at 406-863-2460 or 2457 or email if your bags or not picked up within 2 weeks.    

Please adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. All leaves must be bagged and securely tied.  Bags weighing more than 25 pounds will not be picked up.  Tree limbs or branches must be trimmed into 4 foot lengths and securely bundled with twine.
  2. Please, do not place animal waste or refuse products into the bags.
  3. Bags of leaves for pick-up are to be stacked on the nearest boulevard.  If there is not access to a boulevard, bags may be set a minimum of 10' from the nearest refuse container.  City employees will not enter onto private property to retrieve bagged leaves.
  4. Do not rake leaves into the street.
  5. Do not place leaves into any City refuse container.

The City encourages all residents to compost leaves and yard debris.  The City will not pick up such items as old appliances, furniture, mattresses, construction rubble or oversized limbs or branches.  These items must be hauled by the property owner to the County Landfill.



Snow Removal Map (click on map below to view)

Snow Plowing

Overnight snow falls, measured by the Supervisor at 4:00 a.m., of four (4) inches or more will initiate City snow plowing routes. In accordance with City Code 6-2-2 (D), streets, avenues, etc. running east-west will be plowed prior to 12:00 noon of the same day and streets running north-south will be plowed after 12:00 noon.  Emergency and Priority routes may be plowed out of sequence regardless of direction of travel due to hazardous winter time conditions. Snow removal in areas with curbside parking, other than the downtown business district, will not begin until 8:00 a.m. unless emergency situations warrant earlier plowing.  The following are the City of Whitefish Emergency & Priority Snow Routes:


Emergency Snow Routes

Baker Avenue W. 19th Street to Edgewood Place
Columbia Avenue E. 7th Street to E. 13th Street
E. 2nd Street Spokane Avenue to E. Edgewood Place
Pine Avenue E. 2nd Street to E. 7th Street
7th Street Columbia Avenue to Muldown School
W. 13th Street Baker Avenue to Columbia Avenue
J.P. Road Hwy. 93 to Whitefish River Bridge
River Lakes Parkway J.P. Road to Hospital Way
Hospital Way River Lakes Parkway to Hwy. 40
W. 7th Street Baker Avenue to Karrow Avenue
Karrow Avenue W. 2nd Street to W. 7th Street
Edgewood Place Wisconsin Avenue to Washington Avenue
E. Edgewood Place Wisconsin Avenue to E. Texas Avenue
Dakota Avenue Edgewood Place to Glenwood Road
Glenwood Road Dakota Avenue to Wisconsin Avenue
State Park Road Hwy. 93 W. to W. Lakeshore Drive
Texas Avenue E. Edgewood Drive to Denver Street
Denver Avenue Texas Avenue to Wisconsin Avenue


Priority Snow Routes

1st Priority Emergency Routes
2nd Priority Collector & Commercial Streets
3rd Priority Residential Streets
4th Priority Cul-de-sacs & Parking Lots
5th Priority Alleys

Please Be Patient

The City has 6 snowplows and 1 grader to clear approximately 62 miles of roads and alleys. The Public Works Department has 8 employees available for snow removal operations. If snowfall or freezing rain resumes before we've gotten to your street, it probably means we've had to start over on 1st priority streets again.

Parking on Street

The more cars off the street, the faster and better job we can do clearing the roadway. If you have a driveway, please use it! If not, please move your vehicle in accordance with the following in mind: running east-west will be plowed prior to 12:00 noon streets running north-south will be plowed after 12:00 noon

How the Public Can Help

To report areas that are in need of immediate plowing or sanding, call 406-863-2460 or 406-863-2457 or email. If you reach voice mail, please leave address/location and a phone number to call back if needed.

Fire Hydrants

During plowing operations, equipment operators will try to refrain from piling excess snow near or around fire hydrants.  The Public Works Department will schedule snow clearing from around fire hydrants after other snow removal obligations are fulfilled.  In the meantime, the Fire Department and Whitefish residents are encouraged to assist with clearing snow and ice from around fire hydrants.  Ideally, fire hydrants should be cleared of snow and ice so as to create a four (4) foot clearance in all directions, and a three (3) foot wide path should be cleared from the fire hydrant to the street or public space so that the Fire Department personnel have unimpeded access to the fire hydrant.

Driveway Blocked?

It is inevitable that driveways will be blocked during plowing operations. We're sorry for this inconvenience, but please be understanding that it can't be avoided. Snow removal can be a monumental task with our limited equipment, and Street crews will do their best around the clock to get the roads cleared.

For More Information please refer to the City of Whitefish Snow Removal & Ice Control Manual.

Snow Removal on Sidewalks & Trails

The City of Whitefish Parks & Recreation Department maintains all sidewalks along City property in addition to City bicycle/pedestrian trails.  To report areas that are in need of immediate plowing or sanding, call 406-863-2470 or email.

Removal of snow or ice on sidewalks in front of homes or businesses is the responsibility of the property owner.  To report a hazardous situation, call 406-863-2410 or email for code enforcement.



The City of Whitefish Parks & Recreation Department maintains all trees in City Parks or on City property in addition to trees in boulevards.   If you would like to report a tree that needs trimming or removal, please call 406-863-2470 or email.