Depot Park Phase II Project

Depot Park is the last open space in the heart of the Whitefish's downtown. It is the venue for many summer festivals and events. It is also a place where families have picnics and one can enjoy a book. In 2012 the City of Whitefish Parks & Recreation Department adopted a Master Plan to address the Depot Park area and the surrounding streetscapes. The intent was to update and enhance the Park to meet the greatly expanded use, make the park more functional for community events, daily use and enjoyment, to create a terminus to the downtown Central Avenue improvements and gateway for the historic Depot building.   

The Depot Park Master Plan will build on the foundational ideas and decisions made in the Whitefish Downtown Business District Master Plan.  The main features of the renovated Park are as follows:

Expanded open lawn areas and greatly improved visuals - Approximately 30 % of the Park was previously occupied by structures, paved parking areas and a dilapidated pond. The removal of these items will improve and enhance the visual connection from the business district to the historic Depot.

Enhancement of the Park perimeter - newly revitalized streetscape to match the characteristics of the Central Avenue. The new streetscape will significantly alter the use patterns at the Park, allowing for much greater flexibility for event staging. There will also be enhanced paved pedestrian areas at the four comers of the Park, meant to act as a backdrop and as gathering/small event spaces. There will also be enhanced benches at the park perimeter and un-anchored picnic tables within the park green space.

Multi-modal Transit Hub – the area north of the library will see improvements installed to serve those using alternative modes of transportation including bicyclists, the Snow Bus, Eagle Transit, and local hotel shuttles. The hub will include a bus stop, maps and an information board.

Four specific “tasks” are necessary to complete the project, as depicted below:

Bids were opened on 4/23/2019 and the contract was awarded to LHC, Inc. on 4/25/2019 in the amount of $835,855.98.  The following scope and schedule were approved by council:

Task 1: Completed June 2019!

Work on Railway from Central Avenue, up to, but not including, the intersection of Spokane Ave.  One-way traffic will be maintained on Railway with the exception of a 3-day period when the road will be closed for paving.

No work will take place from July 1 to September 15

Task 2 & Task 3: 9/16/2019 - 10/31/2019  (+ 30 days for sod to set)

Work on Spokane Avenue from Railway Street, including the intersection, to Depot Street.  One lane, two-way traffic will be maintained throughout construction with the use of flaggers.

   Spokane Ave Closure Information

Crosswalk Installations Spokane Ave Closure Thursday October 24th and 25th.


Task 4:  Pending future bidding

Anticipated to be 5/1/2020 - 6/30/2020.  Work on Central Avenue from Railway Street to Depot Street.  Central Avenue will be closed during this portion of the work.