Before You Dig

Two working days BEFORE you dig call U DIG ONE - CALL SYSTEM for utility locations -

Flathead Valley:  755-8344

Outside:  1-800-551-8344

Excavation/ROW Permit -

 Montana Contractors License, Insurance and Bond on File.  The Performance Bond shall be equal to the value of the project, or as determined by the City Engineer, and shall remain in force for one year from the date of completing the project.  Contractors furnishing the City with an annual bond of at least $5,000 for various projects will not be required to furnish additional bonding, providing the existing bond meets the requirements of these standards.  Bonds may be in the form of a Surety Bond, a Certificate of Deposit (CD), a Certified Check or an irrevocable Letter of Credit issued by a bank licensed to do business in the State of Montana.

Encroachment Permit Application