Animal Services License

Animal License

In accordance with Ordinance 18-21 every person who owns or keeps a dog within the city limits of Whitefish is also required to buy a license for the dog from the Flathead County Animal Shelter. Dogs are the only animal which requires a license. Licenses are not transferable from one dog to another. 

What do I need to purchase a license?

All dogs must be vaccinated against rabies to qualify for a license.  You will need to provide proof of rabies vaccine when purchasing a license and renewal of vaccine.  

Do I have to renew the license every year?

No. The license you purchase through the Flathead County Animal Shelter is a lifetime license. 

How much is a license? 

A lifetime license is $45. 

 Does my dog need to be on a leash?

Yes. Dogs and all other animals are not permitted to run at large. When not on the owner's premises, dogs must be kept on leashes.  Loose dogs may be impounded. 

Who do I contact if my dog is impounded?

If your dog is impounded, it will be taken to the County Animal Control Shelter located south of Kalispell.  The dog will be held up to 96 hours.  If it has a tag, shelter personnel will notify the owner within one business day that the dog is impounded and how it can be redeemed. 

County Animal Control Shelter  752-1310

 What are the consequences to a loud or frequent barking dog?

Loud or frequent barking is considered disturbing the peace, and the owner is subject to substantial penalties under the ordinance.  

Do I have to pick up my dogs feces?

Yes. Any person who owns or is in control of a dog or other domestic animal that deposits feces in any City park, City boulevard, or other City-owned property, or in any other publicly-owned property, or in any privately-owned property, and who fails to promptly dispose of such feces in a trash receptacle, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, unless the owner of such property consents thereto. 

How do I report a lost dog?

If the dog has a current Flathead County license, you can call the County Animal Control Shelter, 752-1310, for the owner information.  If the dog does not have a current license and no identification please call the Police Department.