Long Range Plans

Downtown Parking Action Plan (In Progress)

The City of Whitefish is developing a Parking Management Plan to address current and future parking challenges in the downtown and adjacent residential neighborhoods. The plan encompasses the downtown WB-3 commercial zone, including the Railway District, and adjacent residential neighborhoods.

The City has retained Dixon Resources Unlimited to lead the project. The Dixon team first visited Whitefish over two days in May 2019. Stakeholder meetings included the Heart of Whitefish, the Chamber of Commerce and the Convention & Visitor’s Bureau. We also met with a group of drivers/providers of hotel shuttles, bike shuttles, Uber and Lyft rides, and Eagle Transit.

We held two public parking forums in May, one on the evening of May 13 and the second  focusing on the needs of downtown businesses and institutions at lunchtime on May 14. Over 40 downtown business owners and institutional representatives attended at least one of the public or stakeholder meetings and provided feedback on the challenges they face and how the downtown parking situation could be improved.

In July we followed up with a City Council work session on the 15th and public and stakeholder meetings on the 16th. The timing of this second visit gave our consultants an opportunity to witness peak traffic congestion and parking challenges in downtown during a mid-summer special event (Farmers Market).

Next Steps

A draft Downtown Parking Management Plan will be available for public review in September and there will be an opportunity to comment on the draft following the September 16 City Council work session (scheduled for 6-7pm). A public hearing will then be held as part of the October 21 City Council meeting to consider adoption of the plan.

Email or call Planner Hilary Lindh at hlindh@cityofwhitefish.org or 863-1254

  • if you're unable to attend the City Council work session on September 16 or regular meeting on October 21 but would like to provide comments, or
  • to be added to the mailing list and receive project updates


Highway 93 South Corridor Plan (In Progress)

A Steering Committee was established to serve as the primary sounding board to work through the planning process with city staff and members of the public to establish a development policy for the Highway 93 South Corridor.

The next steering committee meeting is Monday, September 16 at 3:00pm. All steering committee meetings are open to the public and public comment is taken at the end of each meeting. Meeting agendas, minutes, and presentations will be posted below as they become available.

Meeting Date Agenda Minutes Presentation
May 17, 2018                  
May 30, 2018     


July 9, 2018                  

Aug 6, 2018



October 22, 2018


November 5, 2018


December 10, 2018


February 19, 2019


March 5, 2019


April 1, 2019


May 6, 2019


June 3, 2019


July 8, 2019


September 16, 2019


Opportunities for Public Input:

In addition to attending steering committee meetings, you can provide input at a third public meetings (yet to be scheduled ). The third public meeting/open house will provide an opportunity to review and comment on the vision, goals, objectives, policies and implementation actions that make up the draft corridor plan.

The first public open house was held September 5, 2018. The purpose of the open house was to provide information and invite the public to help identify issues, concerns, and opportunities for improvement. Approximately 25 people joined City staff and Steering Committee members to learn about the project and provide feedback. A summary of the comments received is available here: Open House Comments.

The second public meeting was held January 8, 2019 at the Hampton Inn & Suites. Over 60 people turned out for the workshop style meeting!  Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Corridor planning process - you provided a lot of great feedback and direction. A summary of input received at the workshop is now available:  Summary of Visioning Workshop.

An online survey was available for the public to take from January 1 - February 14, 2019. The complete report is available here: Online Survey Results

If you would like to be added to the mailing list and receive project updates, email or call Planner Hilary Lindh at hlindh@cityofwhitefish.org or 863-1254.

Background/Resource Documents:

A number of Whitefish planning documents relevant to the corridor are available on this page below:

Wisconsin Avenue Corridor Plan; Highway 93 West Corridor Land Use Plan; Extension of Services Plan; Whitefish City-County Growth Policy; Whitefish Downtown Business Master Plan, Whitefish Transportation Plan; South Whitefish Transportation Planning Project.

Additional documents that are relevant or of interest can be found here (new docs May 6, 2019).


Extension of Services Plan

Plan adopted by City Council on 4-16-18 by Resolution 18-16



Wisconsin Avenue Corridor Plan

Plan Adopted by City Council on 4-16-18

Wisconsin Avenue Corridor Plan

2017 Connect Whitefish Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan

For links to adopted appendices, please visit the Public Works Department HERE.

2007 Whitefish City-County Growth Policy

  • (Click picture for link)

The long range planning master document for the Whitefish area is the 2007 Whitefish City-County Growth Policy.


2015 Whitefish Highway 93 West Corridor Land Use Plan

WGM Group out of Missoula along with Sitecape Associates from Columbia Falls completed the Whitefish Highway 93 West Corridor Plan and the City Council gave final approval to it as an amendment to the Growth Policy via Resolution No. 15-13 on June 1, 2015.

FINAL VERSION - As amended by the City Council on June 15, 2015

2018 REVISED Whitefish Downtown Business District Master Plan

Adopted as an amendment to the Growth Policy by Resolution 18-06

(Click picture for link)

2009 Whitefish Transportation Plan
(Click picture for link)

Whitefish Transportation Plan 2009

Adopted by the Whitefish City Council on February 16, 2010, the Plan is intended to help guide decisions about the future of the Whitefish area transporation system.  The Plan describes the existing system and identifies large and small improvements for the transporation network.

Southeast Whitefish Transportation Plan- December 2001

South Whitefish Transportation Planning ProjectAdopted in October 1999.