Skye Park Bridge



Proposed River Trail Extension

The City is requesting comments on a proposed river trail extension between Kay Beller Park and the City Beach Loop Path.  Click on link above for information on the extension.


Map of existing pedestrian and bicycle trails in Whitefish

Rocksund Trail Gazebo Application


The Whitefish Trail

 The Whitefish Trail consists of 10 trailheads and 36+ miles of natural surface trail comprised of stacked loops, scenic overlooks, single-track trails, and gated logging roads.  The City of Whitefish works in partnership with Whitefish Legacy Partners to manage the Whitefish Trail.

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To hold an event on the Whitefish Trial, please complete the following event application:

WT Event Application


Whitefish Trail Learning Pavilion

Located just a half mile from the Lion Mountain Trailhead, this pavilion offers a base for environmental educational programs for the community and opportunities for people to engage with their natural surroundings.  The pavilion offers 900 square feet of coverage with 10 picnic tables and ADA access

Click on the link to learn more:  Whitefish Trail Learning Pavilion

Learning Pavilion Use Application