IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by staying Clean, Careful, and Connected. Wash and sanitize your hands, practice 6-feet social distancing and wear cloth face coverings in confined spaces, and stay informed at

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Update June 6, 2020:   Playgrounds are open. Continue washing your hands and physically distancing as possible.  Playgrounds are not sanitized regularly.


Update June 1, 2020:

The WAG Park, Skate Park, and all sport courts are now open. Please continue physically distancing and washing your hands.   


5/8/2020 Update:  

The Tennis Courts at Riverside Park and Grouse Mtn. Park are Open!

As well, the Pickleball Courts at Memorial Park are also Open!

The spray bottles of sanitizer at all the courts can be used on the gate latches as well as your hands. Please sanitize your hands and spray the gate latches! Phase One Park List pg 1Phase One Park List pg. 2

5/11/2020 Update:  The Parks and Recreation Department understands how eager our community is to get out and recreate in our parks, especially with the beautiful weather we have been having.  We are working diligently toward reopening some of our parks.  To help the community better understand the internal process to Phase One, we are providing an outline  of the process we must go through to be able to open certain areas within the federal, state, and local guidelines established. 

  • First and foremost, we are developing a plan to provide proper sanitation.  We are acquiring hand sanitizer, dispensers for sanitizer, spray bottles and a solution to spray frequently touched surfaces, and hand washing stations. All of these items are in high demand, but we have been successful in identifying several sources from which we can acquire them; it just might take a little time for them to come in.  Once we receive them, we will install them. 
  • We are developing a sign plan for each park to make sure the community is clear on the rules and guidelines of each park.  Then we will print them and install them.
  • We are training all staff in an ambassador program to help with educating the community of the rules of each park.
  • We are preparing our parks by returning to regular park maintenance such as mowing and controlling noxious weed growth.  

We are working hard to get our parks reopened within the guidelines set forth.

We have also developed a more detailed list of what the rules are for our parks and trails, shown below.  Please contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 863-2470 with any questions.

We look forward to recreating in more of our parks soon.


 Social Distance in parks

4/28/2020 Update: 

The City of Whitefish Parks and Recreation Department is looking forward to providing recreation opportunities and spaces for our community.  In consideration of Governor Bullock‚Äôs guidelines and directives, as well as CDC and the City-County Health Department guidelines, we have developed a phased approach to reopening parks, attached to this email.    

This plan outlines the initial guidelines the Parks and Recreation Department will follow.  However, we will continually assess measures as we move through each phase.  This plan is meant to balance the need for and benefits of recreation while operating within the guidelines set forth for social distancing and sanitation measures.  It is important to note that this is a fluid document and may be revised as needed.  

While we prepare to reopen parks, we will work diligently to secure appropriate sanitation resources, develop necessary signage, train staff on new protocols, and obtain necessary PPE for our staff and program participants.  We will continue to keep our community updated as we move through the phases of the plan.   

We ask that you are patient with us as we work through each phase of the plan, and we ask that all citizens abide by all established rules and requirements to keep our community safe.  Please direct all questions to the Parks and Recreation Department by calling 863-2470. 

We look forward to recreating with you all again soon. 


Maria Butts

Director of Parks, Recreation, and Community Services


Phased Reopening Plan


Mission Statement:

The mission of the City of Whitefish Parks and Recreation Department is to maintain a healthy, diverse, sustainable, and interactive environment for our residents, visitors, and future generations with dedication, pride, and respect for our community.  As stewards of Whitefish, through proactive involvement, efficiency, communications, and understanding, we will go above and beyond our duties as City employees to enhance the overall quality of life for the citizens of Whitefish.



Maria Butts
  Parks and Recreation Director   

Steve Bullemer
Parks Foreman   

Jeff Brown
    Building Foreman    

Jen Sybrant
   Urban Forestry/Landscape Foreman   

 Liz Records
    Recreation Coordinator   

 Mary Blubaugh
    Office Manager    

Carla Belski
   Community Services Coordinator   

Stephen Kostoff
   Recreation Programmer

 Philip Hodge
   City Forester/Arborist

Jake Topp
   Parks Technician