The Whitefish City Cemetery is located at the corner of Highway 93 West and Ramsey Avenue. Community members raised funds to purchase the property and opened the cemetery in 1918. Currently there are 3,079 lots and 184 crematory sites. The cemetery is currently sold out which initiated the creation of the Cemetery Ad Hoc Committee. The Committee has been working diligently to find property for a secondary location or options to increase the current location.  

How do I purchase a lot?

Currently the City Cemetery is sold out.  Until a new location is found, the City Clerk's Office has a waiting list.  Some lots are sold back to the City and some lots are sold by the owner. If you purchase a lot from the owner please contact the City Clerk's Office to update the records. 

The City now has cremain remains vaults available in a standing monument called a Columbarium.   The current prices for Columbarium vaults are contained in the Resolution creating the fees for the Columbarium. 

A memory wall is available for those loved one's that are not interred in the cemetery.  The Resolution was passed in December 2015 creating the fees for reserving a space on the wall.  A prepayment is paid with the City Clerk's office to have Glacier Memorial Gardens engrave the nameplate. 

  • $60 Reserving space
  • $290 Engraving by Glacier Memorial Gardens

How much is a lot?

The price of a cemetery lot depends on whether the purchaser lives inside or outside City limits. 

  • Baby/Crematory        $100
  • City Residents           $250
  • County Residents      $500
  • For Columbarium pricing, see the Resolution creating the fees for Columbarium vaults.   The opening and closing of the vault is contained in the initial price of the vault and there is no additional charge for the opening and closing of the vault. 

How much is the service?

Most funeral homes will include the opening and closing cost at the time of the funeral.  City of Whitefish does allow family internments for ashes at no extra cost with the condition of notifying the City Clerk's Office of the date, time and person of internment.  The City of Whitefish crew will open and close the location of internment. 

Ashes $150
Weekends & OT $200
Full Burial $750
Weekends & OT $850

 How do I place a monument or headstone?

The local monument companies will place the monument and/or headstones. Big Sky Monuments Glacier Monuments and Glacier Memorial Gardens are local monument companies that know the rules and regulations of the Whitefish Cemetery. 

How do I find a person interred? 

You can search your loved one by name and find the location on the cemetery directory. The cemetery map will help you find the location.

Cemetery Directory

Cemetery Map