Rescue Care

Created in 2004, the Whitefish Fire Department's RescueCare program takes the worry out of meeting unexpected ambulance bills. The cost of ambulance service is covered and you don't get a bill.  This program offers security and peace of mind. 

How does RescueCare work?

If you have insurance, our billing company will bill your insurance, once the insurance pays and if there is a balance, the RescueCare program will pay the balance.  In the case the patient does not have insurance, the RescueCare Program will pay the full balance of the Ambulance Bill.  

Who in my household is covered under the membership?

A member's RescueCare coverage extends to all household members who are permanent residents of the same single family (non-commercial) dwelling, within the City's ambulance service area, living together as a family unit, but excluding mere roomers or boarders.  Membership benefits also extend to include household members living in nursing homes or other substitute care facilities in the City's ambulance service areas.  Those not included in the household membership are required to obtain their own membership.  RescueCare coverage does not entitle a member to be picked up or transported outside of the City's ambulance service area. 

When can I apply for the membership?

The RescueCare runs July-June.  You can purchase the RescueCare anytime during the year for the full amount, with the membership expiring June 30th.  Whitefish Ambulance will send a renewal notice in June for the following year. 

Does my membership start on the date of membership?

Yes. It will start when the Ambulance Billing Clerk receives the payment. 

When will my membership expire?

All memberships expire June 30th. Memberships do not expire 1 year from date of payment. 

How much is the RescueCare Program?

For just $59 within city limits, or $185 per year for residents living outside of city limits but still within the Whitefish ambulance service area, the RescueCare program will cover your entire household against the costs for emergency and medically necessary ambulance service in and around Whitefish. 

How do I apply? 

It is as simple as completing the RescueCare application and mailing back to the address listed on the application.  Please click the link below or call the Whitefish Fire Department at 406-863-2483 to have one sent to you.

2019-2020 RescueCare Membership form