Please note - As of April 1, 2018, all ambulance billing will be through Systems Design West.  If you have a date of service AFTER April 1, 2018, and need assistance or have questions, please contact Systems Design West at 800-238-9398.

Ambulance Billing

The Whitefish Fire Department protects the City of Whitefish and the Whitefish Rural Fire Service Area.  The Department was formed in 1906 with volunteers.  Today, the Department protects well over 100 square miles through a combination of career and volunteer firefighters.  The Whitefish Ambulance provides BLS, ALS-1 and ALS-2. 

Contact - Date of Service PRIOR to April 1, 2018

Sole Stone Reimbursement Services
PO Box 1359
Missoula, MT 59806-1359

Contact - Date of Service AFTER April 1, 2018

Systems Design West


Will the Whitefish Ambulance bill my insurance?

Yes. If you have been transported by the Whitefish Ambulance, and you have insurance, please contact the Ambulance billing service with your insurance information.

Does the Whitefish Ambulance have a payment policy?

Yes. Full payment is required or arrangements must be made within 90 days of the original invoice. In the case where arrangements need to be made, an amount must be paid that is equal or greater than the minimum payment allowed.  The minimum payment required is a monthly payment of $35.00 unless other arrangements have been made with the ambulance billing service. 

How do I pay my Ambulance Bill?

Whitefish Ambulance services accepts Visa/Mastercard, checks and cash.  

If your date of service is PRIOR to April 1, 2018, you may call Sole Stone Reimbursement Services to pay your bill over the phone with a Visa/Mastercard, or mail your payment.  

If your date of service is AFTER April 2, 2018, you may call Systems Design West at 1-800-238-9398

Does Whitefish Ambulance provide a membership program?

Yes. Residents inside our Rural Fire District are eligible for the Rescue Care Program

Why does a fire truck respond with the ambulance on requests for medical assistance?

All the Department's firefighters are crossed trained to provide emergency medical care, this combined response provides the additional personnel necessary to assist with a medical event.  In addition, this response provides a measure of safety for the responders, as well as the patient.