Taxes, Assessments, and Fees

Property Tax

property tax FAQs

market value of property x taxable percent=taxable value
taxable value x total mill levy of all taxing entities=total property tax bill

Tax Increment Financing District

The Whitefish Urban Renewal Plan was adopted in 1987. The plan identified infrastructure blight as a major deterrent to economic development in Whitefish and identified several “redevelopment” objectives. A large portion of the city was included in a TIF distict using tax increment financing to fund redevelopment projects.  The TIF district will sunset in July 2020 and property taxes collected within the disctrict will return to a normal distribution to all taxing entities.  In 2013, the Mayor and Council identified the priorty of future projects and cash flow before the TIF sunsets.

Resort Tax

The City of Whitefish has a 3% Resort Tax that is collected from Lodging, Retail, Bars and Restuarants.

Special Assessments

Street Assessment

maintaining the streets, avenues, alleys and other public roads in the city. Maintenance includes sprinkling, graveling, oiling, chip sealing, seal coating, overlaying, treating, general cleaning, sweeping, flushing, snow removal and leaf and debris removal. The cost of and expenses of maintaining the streets, avenues, alleys and public roads shall be assessed against each lot or parcel within the city street maintenance district on the basis of street frontage

Greenland and Parkway Assessment


Stormwater Assessment


Cable Franchise Fee

City Code 15-1.  The fee is 3% of gross subscriber revenues within the city. These funds are used for street and sidewalk maintenance. The cable company is granted to install, construct, operate, maintain, reconstruct and expand a cable television system within the public streets, ways, alleys, rights of way and places of the city.

Water, Sewer & Garbage


Business License