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Glacier ChallengeSpecial Events 

A Special Event Permit is required for use of the City Right of Way as stated in Section 7-4-1.  This includes street closures, parking space closure, sidewalk sales, weekly runs, parades etc. Please review the checklist and return the completed Special Event Application with payment to the City Clerk's Office.  Please contact the City Parks and Recreation Office for events in a City Park.  A Park Facility Use application and a Special Event Permit is required if using a City Park and City Right of Way. 

Catering Permit

A Catering Permit is required only when alcohol will be catered at an event.  The company providing the catering will need to complete the permit, have the Police Chief sign the permit, then return the permit with payment to the City Clerk's Office.  Please contact the State Department of Revenue Liquor Division for a one day permit if your event will be selling alcohol for a profit.   

Highway 93 Special Event Banner

The City Clerk's Office holds a lottery every January for banner space on Highway 93 S.  A letter with a deadline is mailed to those interested in the banner location.  The banner space is for Whitefish Events and Non-Profit Orginizations only.  Please contact the City Clerk's Office to be placed on the Lottery List.

Permit Applications

Special Event Permit

Catering Permit

Highway 93 Special Event Banner Permit