Business License

In accordance with Section 3-1-3 of Whitefish City Codes all businesses are required to have a City Business License to conduct business in the City of Whitefish. Please complete and return the appropriate application and return with payment to the Clerk' City s Office.  The approval process for a business license could take up to four (4) weeks.  To ensure correct zoning for the business location please contact the Planning Department at 863-2410.

In 1996 Whitefish City Residents voted and approved a 2% Resort Tax for Lodging, Retail, Bars and Restuarants. In April 2015, Whitefish voters approved to increase the Resort Tax to 3%, effective July 1, 2015.  Resort Tax payments are due by the 20th of the following month (January collections are due February 20th) and can be paid to the City Clerk's Office

Applications and Brochures 


Business License Application (rev. 3-19-18)

Home Occupation Information Brochure

Home Occupation Application

Short Term Rental Brochure (rev. 7-30-15)

Short Term Rental Application with Business License (rev. 3-19-18); Whitefish Fire Department Rental Checklist

Food Vendor Permit Information

Food Vendor Permit Application (rev. 7-27-17)