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Park Board

Park Board Powers and Duties:

The Board of Park Commissioners shall have the management and control of all parks belonging to the city.

The Board of Park Commissioners are charged with the following duties:

   To lay out, establish, improve and maintain parkways, drives and walks in the parks of the city: and to determine when and what parks shall be opened to the     public

    To plant, cultivate, maintain and improve all trees and other plants required to be planted, cultivated and maintained in the parks belonging to the city.

The complete list of Park Board Powers and Duties can be found in the Whitefish City Code.



Ron Brunk - President
Jim DeHerrera- Vice President
Councilor Frank Sweeney
Susan Schnee
Terri Dunn
Ray Boksich
Carrielynn O'Reilly
Ryan Hennen (City Council alternate) 




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